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Setting up your printer perfectly ensures the functionality of it without any frequent interruptions. Because it is a known fact that if it’s a device, if not today, some other day it may trouble you. In such instance, we help you with instant solutions and get back the smile on your face.


Printing from your local computer or laptop doesn’t take you even a minute. But when you want to print from more than one device including your mobile phone, then you need a network to support the function. We not only help you configure the printer to the network but also troubleshoot the issues if any.


When you call us for troubleshooting the issues with your printer, we not only resolve the issue but also elucidate the other issues that your printer may encounter. This will help you figure out the condition of the printer and troubleshoot all by one’s self; anyway, we are here to pass you the trips and tricks.


HP started their journey of bringing the laser printers into existence in the 19th century. They have printers for home, home office and business-small, medium and large enterprise customers, throughout the world. You can count the HP Printer types but not the number of models they have for their users. We have the user manual for the printer model of your choice and online instant support for HP Printer setup; also issue resolving techniques.


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These printers are more suitable for home use where the inks, generally, pigmented black and dye-based color, provide better photo printing. They have a photo tray for loading photo paper and more likely support borderless printing. They are also capable of two-sided (duplex) printing.



These printers range from compact domestic ones to larger ones for regular use. Printers handle a low volume of 50 to 400 pages per month, that is perfect for a home office or student’s room. Having a 123.hp.com Deskjet printer is a convenient and cost-effective way to accomplish this.



These printers are more suitable for office use. Based on your printer model, you may have additional paper trays. Also, they have Automatic Document Feeders (ADF) for scanning or copying a stack of papers more easily. Few models support Automatic two-sided scanning.



Designed for a greater output, these HP Printers use pigment inks to produce professional quality prints business documents and photos on glossy or other special paper. The high-capacity ink cartridges save up to 50 percent per page compared to laser printers.

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AirPrint feature is a festive treat for Mac device users. Now, you can easily print from any of your Mac computer or Apple device using the AirPrint. Because nowhere you get an exclusive app for printing from an Apple device; it only happens with HP. This feature has an excellent review from HP printer users who have Mac OS installed for its easy and quick setup procedure. With a single click, you can get the desired photos or documents that appear in real colors.


Not only a normal print, you can even print from your Android device now. The ePrint technology of HP has made it so simple, reducing the burden of the user to an extreme. It gives you a wow feeling when you see any of your pictures from your mobile phone colorful and natural irrespective of the resolution. ePrint has an added option of sending the files straight to the printer via email to let you print from anywhere anytime.


It was not the case previously that you can print using HP Printer from your Smartphone. But now HP has made the virtual printing effortless by making the printers compatible to many applications to print. Few of the HP apps through which you can print Wirelessly are ePrint, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and HP Print-Service Plugin. These apps can be download from the Google Play Store of your smartphone and installed. Experience non-stop printing from your smartphone by adding the printer to it in a jiffy.


Systematic set up of your HP printer to a wireless network is never like anything you do. It offers you the best practice of using the wireless features of your printer. HP has many modes of wireless network connection in prominence to make your printing, scanning or copying jobs easier. They are Wireless Setup Wizard, HP Auto-Wireless connect, Wi-Fi direct connectivity with or without a router, etc. It is now possible to make your printer secure on a network with a password of your choice and protect it from others using it.

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Once the HP printer is associated and introduced to the PC with Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) any sort of record can be printed by following these basic advances. The HP printers can be associated either wired or remote to the PC. When it is associated, the means for printing a report continue as before.

  • Step 1: Open the document. Select the pages or part to be printed.
  • Step 2: Tap the File menu. Select the Print alternative or press ctrl+p . The print tab flies up.
  • Step 3: In the Print tab, select the HP printer associated with the PC. This will open the Settings or Printer properties
  • Step 4: Pick the coveted settings like arrangement and introduction of the page. The client can likewise choose the duplex alternative (if accessible with the printer).
  • Step 5: The client can likewise enter the chose page numbers for print. Select Print and this will print the document.

Contingent upon the OS and the printer highlights, printing pictures, archives, duplex printings are made conceivable. HP offers duplex printing with the majority of the models. Likewise every one of the models give superior quality picture printing.


Printing any record in MAC OS is additionally like printing a report in Windows. The HP Printers can be associated either wired or remote to the PC. When it is associated, the means for printing an archive continue as before. Once the HP printer is associated and introduced to the PC with MAC OS, any kind of record can be printed by following these straightforward advances.

  • Step 1: Open the record. Select the pages or part to be printed.
  • Step 2: Click the File menu. Select the Print option or click Command (⌘) +P. The print tab pops up.
  • Step 3: Tap the File menu. Select the Print alternative or snap Command (⌘) +P. The print tab flies up.
  • Step 4: Pick the coveted settings like arrangement and introduction of the page. The client can likewise choose the duplex alternative (if accessible with the printer).
  • Step 5: The client can likewise include the chose page numbers for print. Select HP Print and this will print the record.

Macintosh iOS has an extraordinary element of ‘Air Print’ which empowers Macintosh telephones, iPad or iPod touch to associate with the HP Printer.



  1. Switch on your printer. Ensure that the wireless feature is enabled.
  2. The printer should be on the same network as your mobile device or computer. If your printer has a wireless icon and a blue light, then make sure that light is on.
  3. Open the Wi-Fi settings in your Android device and ensure that you are connected to your network.
  4. Update or install the HP Print Plugin, by getting it from Google Play Store.
  5. After the update or installation is finished, then select a method to turn on the HP Plugin.
  6. First time installation of the Plugin – Navigate down the home screen to get the notification dashboard and locate HP Inc Service
  7. Already updated the HP Plugin – Touch Settings, touch More, More Settings, or NFC and sharing. Then touch Printing / Print.
  8. Touch Hp Inc or HP Inc Service. Now touch On.
  9. If required, switch off any other print plugins.
  10. Open the document / photo to be printed. Touch the menu icon and then touch Print.
  11. You will see a print preview screen displayed.
  12. Touch the down arrow near the Select a Printer option and see the printer list. Now, choose your printer.
  13. To modify the print settings, touch the down arrow. Touch the Print icon to start printing.


  1. Ensure that you have an Android tablet or mobile, computer, iPhone or iPad.
  2. Your printer should be on a network with a working Internet connection and should have Web Services enabled.
  3. You should have an active Google account.
  4. Switch on your printer.
  5. Locate the Drive app on the control panel of your printer.
  6. Make a note of the activation code present on the Account Setup screen.
  7. Using your mobile device or computer, open a browser window and login to your Google account..
  8. Input www.google.com/device in the browser and click Enter.
  9. Enter the activation code in the textbox that appears under Connect your device. Now click on Continue.
  10. Tap on Confirm in the control panel of the printer.
  11. Tap on Yes to let the printer save the email address.
  12. Tap on OK to input a 4-digit PIN to control access to the Google Drive account, if required.
  13. Once you have entered the Pin, tap on Continue to finish the 123 HP setup.
  14. Now you can use the Google Drive app to print photos or documents from the Google Drive account to your printer.